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Does anyone know of a website with a random drawing idea generator?
I've found a few but they seem to have very limited ideas themselves. I'm terrible at looking things up on the internet, which I realize sounds completely ridiculous but it's true. 

It's been over a year since I wrote a journal. I've moved again, hopefully will move again in the next few months. I've been doing mostly crafty things, (cross stitching, plushies, making invitations for people) I have several pencil drawings but I can't be bothered to color them for some reason. My head just keeps shouting "You could be doing anything other than this" I never really liked to color, I guess I'm just reverting to my original self. I need to kick my own bum.

I used to be so excited to post on here, a quick glance at my gallery shows I was probably a little too excited because the majority of my work is only half done. I don't know, it seems different now. Every time I go to the DA main page is just half naked girls taking pictures of themselves with camera phones with a toilet in the background. I don't have a problem with naked girls but there is obviously no art involved in the majority of these. And OoEmmGee all the penises. Again I don't care if they take pictures of it. It would be nice if somehow they would try to make it artistic or something, I don't know maybe add a flower or explain why your junk should be on the internet at all. Is DA a new weird dating website that I don't want to be apart of? It's not that I think I'm so great, not that I think I'll be missed, I don't have the slightest notion that I'm some significant part of this website (please don't pull this on me) I'm just more interested in drawings and stories than pictures of naked girls that I hope are older than they look or pornographic drawings of my favorite childhood cartoons. (at least those require more skill than knowing how to use the camera on your phone though) 

Is there a website that focuses on drawings? I might like to be apart of that.

Anyway if you stuck around with me all this time, you're awesome and I love you (like in a sibling kind of way ;P ) You've helped me through so much and listened to me whine about things I really shouldn't have been posting on an art site (I am part of the problem) I'm not really going anywhere but I'm not really here anyway. (Which is probably obvious :B ) I don't see the point in deleting all my stuff, I mean most of it is from a computer that died on me. (Seriously back up your work) And I'm always a little sad over some of my favs being deleted. So this is for that one person that goes through their favs just to look at something of mine every once in awhile. :heart:

I think I need to focus on some priorities, I have dreams I've been ignoring. I'm weird and secretive and I have to do things a certain way sometimes. I don't even understand it but I feel like I need to get away from here. I might change my mind in a month or two but I know I won't be happy until I at least try. 

It might be weird but I consider some of you real friends, we've never really met but I feel it and I moved a lot so I know the importance of saying good bye, at least for now. :) 

It's not you, it's me. 


Jessica Shero
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
I like things that are sweet, like when the hero faints from getting a kiss on the cheek. :blush:

Current Residence: United States
Favourite style of art: Traditional
Operating System: MAC
Shell of choice: Tibia
Favourite cartoon character: Finn the Human, Mabel Pines
Personal Quote: Learning is my disability

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SirPerryBerry Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Happy birthday I hope you have a awesome day!
JessicaElephant Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist
Thank you! :heart: 
SirPerryBerry Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Your welcome!!! :heart:
Cambrei Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013
!!  you have such a cute style! >~< it's extremely darling! :love:

and thank you so much for adding my work to your favorites!  MUAH! :heart:
JessicaElephant Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Hobbyist
Thank you!

No problem, sorry I didn't leave a comment, everything I wanted to say was already said a bunch of times! (It's really beautiful :heart: )
Cambrei Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013
^~^ well thank you! <3
N-I-V-E-K Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
I'm not entirely sure what brought you to my gallery, but I'm very pleased that you stopped by! Your gallery is positively gorgeous, and your style is absolutely brilliant! Again, thank you for taking the time to view my work & have a fantastic day!:D
JessicaElephant Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist
Well thank you very much!

I like to press random deviant, that way I get to see a lot of galleries I wouldn't usually think to look for :)

I love super heroes so your gallery is pretty awesome :)

You are really good at drawing different poses, which I am always jealous of people who can. I'm also very impressed with the amount of deviations you make, it takes me forever to draw anything and even longer to color it.

I picked The Creep on your poll ;P
N-I-V-E-K Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
You're quite welcome! The randomizer, huh? Well, I suppose I owe that a thanks as well! :) That you would say such kind things about my work, means a great deal to me, especially as I consider your work to be so spectacular! :D As to the amount of work I do, I can attribute that more to time constraints! I have very small windows in which to draw, so I found ways to speed up my drawing process a bit! It means less detail, but I still get to it's good all the same! Also, thanks for taking the time to vote! The Creep is indeed a great one, though I had to choose Captain Jack Sparrow!:lol: Once again, thanks so much for visitng my gallery!:D
kennasaur Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday! I hope it's a great one. c:
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